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De Huizenprinters has been developing an open source 3D concrete printer since 2016. In 2017 a proof of concept was completed with a printed park bench. Our next step will be to print a tiny house. We are developing open technologies and are eager to share these with others.

During a series of Bouwkoppel conferences we present our current progress and invite others to exchange knowledge. Themes will include sustainability, freedom of form and design, robotics, concrete recipes and topological / parametric design.

Next up is the “unconference” Bouwkoppel#2, which will take place in Amersfoort on 28 February 2019

Please visit the website at:

This wiki documents the progress of the Huizenprinters as we develop a 3D concrete printer. We are dedicated to sharing our insights with the world as we believe this will boost development in this field. Please feel free to browse this wiki and participate by contributing your own ideas and work as well.

How to contribute

After getting an account for this wiki you can edit any page by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the screen .

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